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Time & Attendance: AttendancePro

AttendancePro offers flexible schedule management for handling multiple work patterns, overtime and leave, requests and approvals, with optional card reader integration.

Online Attendance Management

AttendancePro can be used from any location where there is an internet connection, making its entire functionality available at any time.

  • Integration with access card readers is available for easy and accurate recording of actual working hours
  • Keeps track of paid vacation usage and has built-in workflow for managing time-off requests and approvals
  • Optional project timesheet makes it easy to calculate billable hours and create accurate project manpower reports


Easily and accurately manage work hours

AttendancePro can accurately manage the details of employee working hours and makes it easy to control schedules and overtime.

Easy staff operation

Employees record their start and end times by simply logging in and clicking. They can then check their daily working hours, submit requests for leave and confirm or correct their monthly work hour report. It even lets them check their accrued and available vacation days for the year.

Manager reports and approval

Managers can assign shift schedules to each of their staff members, confirm and approve requests for overtime or leave, and verify their employees' monthly work hour reports. And if managers are out of the office or otherwise unavailable, approval can be delegated to another authorized party.

HR communications and oversight

Your HR administrators have full access to employee attendance data and they can view, commit, revise or reject submitted working hour reports. The built-in messaging feature lets them send inquiries to employees about unusual or irregular entries or to verify the contents.

They can also send reminders and notices to specific employees or groups, such as to inform them about schedule changes or to remind them of relevant policies and procedures.


Achieve efficient time management

AttendancePro reduces the data entry time for your employees and lets you accurately understand the working hours for each person.

Flexibility to support a variety of work environments

AttendancePro can handle multiple variations of work schedules, such as fulltime, part-time, flextime, shift work or schedules. Its flexible configuration can adapt to any working conditions or rules of employment.

Easy management of leave

Annual leave can be handled according to your company rules. Employees can check their accrued days, used days and remaining days individually.

Project time tracking option

AttendancePro also allows for detailed working hours to be split across various projects or types of work registered in the system. These per-project working hours can be viewed on the Web or exported for multi-faceted data analysis.

Flexible reporting

You can choose from a wide array of reporting options, including printing.

Bilingual English & Japanese user interface

The application and reports are fully localized in both English and Japanese and each user can select their desired language when they log in.


Effective overtime management

With the business environment becoming more stringent every year, reducing overtime costs is becoming much more important. AttendancePro can monitor the amount of overtime taken throughout the month and notify managers when an employee is approaching their overtime allocation, improving management efficiency and helping to reduce costs.

Information sharing with payroll systems

Confirmed monthly work hours data can be sent to PayrollPro or other payroll systems. By working in conjunction with payroll processing, significant operational efficiency can be realized.

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