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Cloud Applications offer better service and lower costs

CVi's Cloud Computing software services offer the following advantages over the traditional model of buying packaged or licensed software:

  • No up-front licensing or annual maintenance fees — CVi is paid only on the actual amount of software usage from time to time
  • No need for any Client hardware or software upgrades before deployment of CVi's Cloud Applications
  • Quick implementation — Client can start making use of CVi's Cloud Computing software services in a matter of days rather than months
  • No need for Client to implement any subsequent software patches — CVi's Cloud Applications always reflect the most up-to-date regulatory and other requirements

Pioneering Cloud Applications

CVi has been and continues to be a pioneer in offering Cloud Computing software services in Japan. Beginning with the 2004 release of PayrollPro, our online payroll and Social Insurance calculation service, we now offer a comprehensive lineup of Cloud Applications covering a wide range of corporate Human Resources requirements. All of our Cloud Computing software services can be accessed through a Web browser, utilizing encrypted connections to our secure data centers.


Full-service HR application suite

Our suite of Cloud Computing software services can work individually or together to offer a solution most suitable for each Client's requirements:

Our Cloud Applications can be used by your HR staff or regular employees or by CVi professionals who can assist you with professional business process outsourcing or consulting services.

Information Sharing Between Cloud Applications

When using multiple applications, data entered in one application automatically updates corresponding data in the other applications.

The following are examples of information sharing:

  • AttendancePro overtime and paid vacation data is transferred to PayrollPro
  • JinijiPro basic employee information is transferred to PayrollPro
  • Employee updated commuting allowances are transferred via ShinseiPro to PayrollPro
Integration with your existing systems

Our Cloud Applications can be easily integrated with global HR and accounting systems, including IC card readers and supplementary systems. This allows for efficient coordination with your existing backoffice. In addition, our Cloud Applications can support single-sign-on, allowing efficient access while eliminating the need to manage a new set of user accounts and passwords.

Application Details
Payroll Processing through PayrollPro

Tax reforms and program updates are made automatically so that you can have access to the latest program version 365 days out of the year, 24 hours a day. Useful features such as a wide range of reports, data exports, and bilingual web pay slips are examples of some of the accessible functions.

Time & Attendance through AttendancePro (bilingual)

Shift work, flextime, discretionary labor rules as wells as various workflow patterns can be handled. Data can be entered from your PC, your office in/out card readers or your smartphone.

Personnel Database through JinjiPro & ShinseiPro (bilingual)

JinjiPro is a Human Resources information management system that handles an employee's records. All employee basic data, such as an employee's transfer history, training and qualifications can be easily tracked.

The optional ShinseiPro allows employees to apply for changes to their personal information over the Internet. Once management has approved the changes, the data is automatically updated in JinjiPro.


Cost-effective Application Usage

Under a traditional licensing arrangement, an installed application charges a significant up-front licensing fee as well as yearly maintenance and support fees in order to receive version upgrades.

With Cloud Applications (formerly known as Software as a Service "SaaS" applications), there is no fixed up-front licensing or annual maintenance fees, no servers and no installation required. Access to these applications is done through a standard web browser and you pay based on actual usage.

As a result, Cloud Applications have obvious merits when compared with the traditional licensing arrangement:

  • Operational flexibility because there is no limit on the amount of usage
  • Cost savings because there are no up-front licensing or recurring maintenance fees and no need to procure and maintain dedicated servers

Our Cloud Applications suite is offered on a monthly basis. Each application's usage fee is calculated from the number of users, the amount of processing performed, or the number of calculations made.

Eliminate system maintenance overhead

Users access the applications as needed by a standard web browser over a secure Internet connection, interacting with the application just as they do with any other website.

Behind the scenes, CVi's technical team transparently manages the software, hardware and network infrastructure located at our data centers to ensure that the service is always available and the software always up-to-date.

Since there is nothing to install on your system, you have no ongoing IT operational expenses, you have no need to train internal IT staff on new applications and systems and you have no ongoing IT support and maintenance fees.

Security and privacy are assured

CVi meets the highest security, privacy and compliance requirements, and our data management and private data handling processes and procedures are of such quality that we have passed multiple, rigorous third-party audits to obtain the Japanese PrivacyMark (P-Mark), ISO27001 and SSAE16 Type II certifications, demonstrating our ongoing commitment to and application of security best practices.

Redundant data centers

CVi maintains both a primary data center in Eastern Japan and a disaster recovery data center in Western Japan. Both data centers are fully monitored to detect any problems which may occur, and both applications and Client data are backed up to both locations to ensure your data remains available.

Dedicated Service Level Option
Our standard Cloud Applications platform offers highly available, secure service to all clients, but some clients have special security and reliability requirements or globally-instituted IT policies which go beyond the standard service level.

Under such cases, we offer a premium dedicated server option, establishing an independent, separately-managed copy of our applications which can be customized for the client's specific needs.

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