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Frequently Asked Questions

Cloud Applications Frequently Asked Questions

What type of Hardware and Software is required to use your products?
You only need an Internet connection and a Web browser. Our products support most major operating systems and Web browsers.
Can your products be customized?
They can be customized in line with your requirements.
Is the data secure?
Access to our application servers is achieved through a secure protocol (SSL) with 128-bit encryption to insure that data exchange is secure at all times. Data stored on our data repository redundant servers is backed up frequently to ensure no loss of information.

PayrollPro Frequently Asked Questions

Many companies have the same payday each month. Won't PayrollPro get overloaded?
No. PayrollPro has multiple servers handling Client access, as well as a separate group of calculation servers which perform the tangible monthly, bonus, Social Insurance and year-end adjustment calculations. This allows for continuous and uninterrupted access to your payroll information, and additional servers can be added quickly to increase capacity as client volume grows.
What formats can reports be exported to?
Data can be exported to PDF or Excel files. Once the export file is created, they can be saved or printed.
Can you maintain data relationships with different accounting systems?
Yes, payment deductions and accounting journal data can be exported to Excel files, allowing PayrollPro to easily work together with any accounting system which provides an import function.
Can the differences between standard salary allowances and overtime be managed?
Yes, this can be handled with your company rules.
Can you add payment and deduction items?
Yes, as many as needed.
Can you input directly from Excel?
Yes, payment deductions, commuting allowances and much more can be easily imported from Excel.
Can you pay special allowances to specific individual employees?
Yes, and only salary items paid to each employee will be displayed, and the special allowance will not be shown to other employees.
Can daily, weekly and monthly salary structures be handled?
PayrollPro can handle hourly, daily and monthly salary.
Is it possible to handle cash payments such as commuting allowances?
Yes. You can specify taxable and non-taxable cash payment amounts such as commuting allowances and so forth.
How many days prior to payday must the payroll operation be completed?
It is your choice, depending on the processing method you choose within the PayrollPro system.
How many times can bonus calculations be done each year?
Bonus calculations can be performed 14 times per year per person.
Is it possible to have multiple bonus paydays?
Yes, more than one bonus payment date can be set within the same month.
How many banks can be registered in the system?
There is no limit to the number of banks that can be registered in the system.
Is it possible to assign one employee to more than one cost center?
Yes, it is possible to establish a number of different cost centers and assign an employee to both cost centers.
Can officers, regular employees, contract staff and part-time workers be differentiated?
Yes, classifications can be set by job title.
How is the data transferred at introduction?
We provide Excel import templates into which the existing data can be entered then imported into PayrollPro.
How many bank accounts can be registered for employee transfers?
Three bank accounts are available in option.

AttendancePro Frequently Asked Questions

What kinds of attendance items are supported?
In addition to annual vacations, AttendancePro supports non-carry-forward vacations such as sick leave, summer vacations, etc. It also supports various types of special vacations, like congratulations and condolences leave, maternity leave, late arrivals, early departures, holiday attendance, compensation holidays, business trips and more. Furthermore, all attendance item names can be set by the user.
Is it possible to submit multiple days of annual vacation at one time?
Yes. The scheduler can be used to submit multiple days of annual vacation. Once the request has been approved by the employee's manager, the new vacation information will be reflected automatically in the monthly attendance record.
Are compensatory holidays supported?
Yes, compensatory holiday support is built-in.
Our working time rules are counted in 15 minute intervals. Is this supported?
Rounding the input time data intervals can be easily set. In addition, users can select whether the rounding is done before or after calculations.
How can I enter my attendance data when I have to go directly to the customer, or I'm returning home directly from a customer or when I'm on a business trip?
AttendancePro is accessible from any secure Web browser, including smartphones, so it is possible to log in and enter your working hours whenever you have access to the Internet. You can also enter the reason for the difference in the report to your manager.
Can a time recorder's data be used for attendance input?
Yes, we support a wide-variety of time recorders whose input data can be directly tied to AttendancePro. Data can also be imported into AttendancePro by using a formatted Excel file template.
How are attendance approvers set up in the system?
A list of approvers can be set up for each division. Generally, the division head will be set up as the division's approver for each employee within that division. Approver settings can be easily modified and changed by the Human Resources department.
Is it possible to set multiple approvers?
Yes. Each section or division may have two approvers: the official approver and a deputy approver. And these can both use their own deputy approver to handle their responsibilities for specific periods of time such as when on leave or vacation.
It is difficult to input and/or approve attendance records on a daily basis. Is there a simpler way to perform the input and approval process?
Yes. You can preset attendance data input patterns to a fixed arrival and departure time. AttendancePro also supports batch inputs and batch approvals.
Is it possible to input or modify the data anytime?
Data that has not been approved can be modified at any time.
When are the remaining days of annual leave decreased?
The available days of leave will be decreased when the request is approved.
Can HR check the input status of the employees?
Yes. HR can check the status anytime.
Can HR check the attendance data?
Yes. HR can check all attendance data, modify and approve it.
Is it possible to export the attendance data?
Yes. AttendancePro can output attendance report and export the data for payroll.
Is there an e-mail function?
Yes, to send messages and for special events. You can edit the text and select the recipients.

JinjiPro Frequently Asked Questions

Many companies use Excel to manage their data. Can Excel data be used by JinjiPro?
Yes. JinjiPro has an Excel import function, allowing users to easily import and use all existing Excel data.
Is it possible to export data from JinjiPro?
JinjiPro has Excel and XML file export functions and it is possible to set data filters for exporting selected data.
Is it possible to manage employee photographs in JinjiPro?
Yes, a photo picture of each employee can be added to each employee's data record. Pictures can be easily updated, added or deleted at any time.
Is there a limit to the number of historical data records that can be stored?
No, there is no limit to the number of historical data items.
Is it possible to create selections for job status, ranking, and salary types for employee information?
Yes, it's possible to customize these as you see fit.
Is it possible for JinjiPro to manage multiple addresses and phone numbers?
Yes, multiple home phone and emergency numbers and addresses can easily be added, and there is no limit restriction. Furthermore, when an employee moves to a new location and changes their phone number or address, all previous numbers and address are maintained as historical data.
Is it possible for JinjiPro to add new user accounts?
Yes, new JinjiPro user accounts can be created or deleted by the Client's top-level users.
Is it possible for JinjiPro to hide sensitive data from other users?
Yes, JinjiPro has granular access controls allowing you to limit which users can see what data.
Is it possible for JinjiPro to output reports without a printer?
Yes, JinjiPro can create non-printed reports in PDF file formats and PDF files can be viewed onscreen without printing.
Is it possible for company, division and employee codes to use letters instead of numbers?
Yes, company, division and employee codes can use letters and numbers (to a maximum of 20 characters).
Is it possible for JinjiPro to manage multiple companies? And, if yes, is there a limit to the number of companies?
Yes, JinjiPro can manage multiple companies and there is no limit to the number of companies. Additionally, the relationship between parent and subsidiary companies can be managed through a layer structure.
Do the number of divisions and layers have a limit?
No, the number of divisions and layers do not have a limit.
Is it possible to keep the history of division changes in JinjiPro? And, is it possible to review the division structure at specific time points?
Yes, both are possible.
Are employee batch position changes between divisions possible?
Yes, by selecting the source and target division, employees that reported to a source division can be batch moved to a target division.
Is it possible for JinjiPro to manage multiple employment types?
Yes, JinjiPro can handle and maintain multiple employment types.
Is it possible to input data before the data's effective date?
Yes, the effective date can be set within the JinjiPro system controls that can recognize the effective date and automatically apply changes on selected effective dates.
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