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HR Database & Employee Self-service: JinjiPro & ShinseiPro

JinjiPro manages the personnel information for your entire organization, while ShinseiPro empowers employees by giving them the option to update their personal information easily online.

Consolidated Personnel Database

JinjiPro is an HR information management system which can keep track of your employee's personal and family information, as well as history of personnel transfers, qualifications and training history and more.

  • User-friendly interface for entering and updating data
  • The optional ShinseiPro service allows employees to update their banking, dependents, and other personal information — and obtain their manager's approval — easily online
  • Can be effortlessly and seamlessly linked to PayrollPro and AttendancePro


Key Features

  • Organization Information
  • Employee Information
  • Personnel Transfers
  • Employee Evaluations
  • Training & Licenses
  • Contracts
  • Inquiries & Searches
  • Authorization Settings
  • Excel Data Import & Export
  • Flexible reporting functions

ShinseiPro Add-on Functionality

ShinseiPro lets employees submit change requests to HR online via the Internet to update their personal information such as name, address, family information, commuting route, and banking information. Once the submitted information is approved by their manager and confirmed by HR, the new information can automatically be updated in JinjiPro or PayrollPro.


Historical data management

From recruitment to retirement, all personal employee data can be managed while retaining a full historical record of changes. A full history of organizational changes is maintained as well.

Inquiries and searches

The stored information can be searched and dispatched in a variety of ways, or exported into the highly versatile Excel format for further analysis. Data records and forms can also be printed or exported Excel formats.

Handles multiple business entities and reorganizations

Multiple group companies can be administered as one group. So even in cases of reorganizations all data update work can be kept to a minimum.

Bilingual service

The applications are bilingual in English and Japanese and each user can select their language of preference. In addition to the application user interface, forms and reports are also fully bilingual.


Payroll & attendance system information sharing

Common employee data can be optionally linked to PayrollPro and/or AttendancePro, allowing the entire suite of CVi Cloud Applications to operate in tandem as a unified HR Management System.

Anytime, anywhere access

Because it is a Cloud Application, you can access your HR data, submit requests, or make approvals at any time, from any location with Internet access.

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