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Payroll Processing: PayrollPro

PayrollPro makes performing your complex payroll calculations simple. And because it's in the Cloud, it's always up to date with the latest laws and regulations.

Payroll Calculation

PayrollPro is a Cloud-based payroll calculation application that is easily accessed via the Internet and can be used any time.


  • Monthly payroll calculation
  • Bonus calculation
  • Retirement calculation
  • Social Insurance processing
  • Year-end adjustment
  • Online & printed pay slips
  • Accounting journal
  • Payment firm banking data(salary, bonus, retirement allowance, and inhabitant taxes)
  • Mandatory disclosure forms (PDF & Excel)

Each month, recalculate as many times as needed befor committing.
Plus, you can access PayrollPro 24 hours a day!

Information Sharing between Cloud Applications

PayrollPro can be integrated with other Cloud Applications such as:


Easy official document preparation

PayrollPro lets you easily prepare official payroll books, Income Tax certificates (gensen-choshuhyo) for the government, as well as periodical and non-periodical revision reports of Social Insurance premiums. And, you can perform a wide array of searches and downloads to Excel files.

Bank database to verify transfer details

A database of all bank branches in Japan is updated monthly, allowing personnel data updates or changes such as branch mergers to be verified before preparing bank deposit information.

Bank payment firm banking data

Salary, bonus, retirement allowance and inhabitant tax payment data can be downloaded to a standard format for bank disbursements.

Bilingual web pay slips

In addition to printed pay slips, employees can view or print their pay slips directly via the Web, and for even more convenience, can be accessed via smartphones.

Web year-end tax adjustment

Clients using our web pay slip system can also utilize the online year-end adjustment feature, allowing their employees to view or print their Declaration of Dependents' Exemption and Income Tax certificates directly from the Web.

Gross-up calculation

Gross-up calculation is available as a standard function for all clients.


Always use the latest application version

When PayrollPro is updated to comply with the latest laws or regulations, users can use the latest version of the application without having to do any upgrades, since it's always updated to the latest version online. And when new, useful features are released, they are available immediately.

Support for foreign employees

PayrollPro includes special support for the complex requirements of multinational and foreign-affiliated firms such as gross-up calculations, allowing foreign employees to be included in regular processing without requiring special handling. Printed and web pay slips can also be provided in English.

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