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Business Continuity

Advance preparation is the key to business continuity

Can you imagine another Tohoku Earthquake, a flu pandemic or other types of disasters happening in the future? And, is your company prepared to continue operations after such an event?

Because that’s what a Business Continuity Plan (BCP) has to imagine – advanced planning and preparation for worse case scenarios and how to overcome them and continue business.

Sometimes distance is good

Our infrastructure is designed with redundancy, backups and recoverability features built in. Geographically separated facilities reduce the risk of downtime, employing constant data backups that allow for quick recovery of your data. Your data will always remain secure and available.

Safety is built in

All of our data repository sites are located in secure "Tier 4" data centers. We employ ISO process certification, redundant network connections, backup power supplies and generator facilities. Encrypted offsite backups are made regularly, ensuring that your critical data will remain protected in case of disaster.

All data center facilities are monitored 24/7 by onsite service technicians and allow for secure zero-footprint remote access by our technical staff for evaluation or maintenance, regardless of their location.

Strict guidelines are enforced

We adhere to all ISO/IEC 27002 “Code of Practice” policies to ensure that we maintain our ISO 27001 certification in good standing, including threat assessment and/or risk mitigation. These guidelines cover not only natural disasters such as earthquakes but pandemic responses for such contingencies as influenza epidemics.

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