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Career Opportunities

Current Openings

We are actively seeking qualified applicants for the positions listed below.

Sales Position

We are looking for experienced sales representatives to promote our Cloud Applications, HR, payroll and attendance services to potential clients. You will need to be able to address the client's underlying business needs and key decision drivers and use your creativity in proposing application and BPO service options appropriate to their needs.

Our sales team is the “heart” of the company. It is responsible for cultivating new clients as well as securing business for CVi. Our clients range from highly respected multinational organizations to medium and small innovative businesses. As a sales-centric company, we recognize that the individuals who attract new business and manage current clients are crucial to our success.

  • Be Part of a Winning Team. As a member of our sales team, you will have the opportunity to work with others who are performance-oriented and who have succeeded in a fun, fast-paced, ever-changing environment.
  • Become an Expert. Learn how to do better prospecting, presentations and to develop solution selling skills so you can succeed in a competitive sales driven environment.
  • Manage Projects and Clients. You will use your sales knowledge to manage projects and sales prospects.
  • Be Recognized and Rewarded. For outstanding performers, we offer multiple advancement opportunities and long term career potential.

Does this sound like a good match for you? CVi provides you with the tools and the flexibility to create your own career path. We will encourage you to continue improving upon your skills and knowledge. CVi’s multiple business units offer sales personnel with more avenues to broaden their skill set through working with different products, services and /or client groups.

A career in sales can serve as a stepping stone to other positions in CVi, such as product marketing, project management and operations.

Job Description:

Leadership - Candidate should have a proven track record in sales and business development in areas of HR or relevant business consulting. Senior candidate should also show strong leadership in driving the overall sales activities. Be able to work well with project teams in quickly generating proposals, evaluating business opportunities. Strong motivation to convince clients on the benefits of solution based products and BPO services.

Resource Responsibility - The candidate has to be able to detail and understand the client’s hierarchy (who is the recommender, user and decision maker) and establish a tactical plan on how to convince the client. This will then define the investments, costs, expenses and revenue targets.

Task description - To quickly find and develop new clients through daily communications with clients and follow up with potential prospects, searching for and developing new and potential clients through cold calling and channels and updating potential client information and records.

  • Bachelor degree or greater
  • At least 3 years of sales experience (preferably in HR and payroll outsourcing sales)
  • Professional telephoning manners with an excellent sales background
  • Professional salesmanship, leadership, and facilitation of people, particularly in business development
  • Must have good listening skills, be self-motivated with drive and initiative
  • Excellent sales track record and ability to make sales results under pressure
  • Team player but also able to work independently and exhibit creativity
  • Competent PC skills required (Excel, Word and PowerPoint)
  • Good verbal and written communication skills in both English (TOEIC 800+) and Japanese (fluent)
  • Very positive (friendly), highly energetic and willing to work hard and follow company directives
Compensation Determined in accordance with your experience and previous salary

Server Engineer

We are seeking experienced personnel who are interested in IT operations, projects and/or infrastructure, for a position in design, configuration and maintenance of IT Infrastructure (for Human Resources Administration Cloud applications). The person selected will also be responsible for handling communications with clients and/or vendors. This position is an ideal opportunity for the right person to develop and improve their technical knowledge and skills.

  • Candidates must have a minimum of three (3) years of experience in project leadership, design, configuration and maintenance of Windows Servers, Linux Servers, Virtual environments and network devices
  • English ability: Fluently (TOEIC more than 865), Japanese ability: Fluently (JLPT Level1 or N1)
Compensation Determined in accordance with your experience and previous salary

Application Development Engineer

We are seeking personnel who have experience in web management. You will be responsible for the design and development of our website (hosting our cloud applications for Human Resources administration). You will have an opportunity to enhance your experiences in a flexible development environment, giving you an opportunity to use your creativity in working with our leading-edge products & services.

  • More than five (5) years of experience in web development using Java or .NET Framework
Compensation Determined in accordance with your experience and previous salary

Payroll Specialist

We are seeking personnel who have experience with payroll operation and social insurance administration for medium to large-sized companies. You will provide professional services to our clients, giving you valuable experience to further enhance your expertise. Candidates with English ability will be able to utilize it to great advantage and improve their fluency.

  • More than three (3) years of experience in payroll and social insurance administration and PC skills (Word, Excel, and PowerPoint)
Compensation Determined in accordance with your experience and previous salary


Privacy Policy

With regards to the personal data of Clients and business contacts received by K.K. CrossVision International (the “Company”) in order to provide comprehensive HR service solutions such as payroll calculation, the Company acknowledges its corporate and social responsibility for protecting such personal information and shall (a) observe all laws, ordinances, guidelines and other standards stipulated by the Japanese government and relating to personal information protection; (b) set forth the following personal information protection management system based on JIS Q15001:2006; and (c) declare that it will implement, audit, revise, improve and uphold said policy.


  • 1. In order to implement this declaration, the Company shall set forth and publicize the “Privacy Policy,” and shall also familiarize its employees, including executives, regular and part-time employees, temporary workers, as well as related parties, and strive to continuously implement and improve upon said regulations.
  • 2. The Company shall not obtain any personal information without clarifying to the individual in such ways as he or she cannot easily recognize. The Company shall only acquire personal information by legal and fair means and shall only (a) make use of such information with consent from the individual who is the subject of such information, or (b) make available any such information in accordance with terms that it has publicized, such as on its website.
  • 3. Personal information shall only be used (a) by those empowered to perform one or more tasks associated with the Company's business and/or managing any aspect of its operations, (b) within the scope of the purpose of the acquired information, (c) as long as necessary to conduct such task(s); and (d) the Company shall implement measures to monitor and prevent any usage beyond the abovementioned scope and purpose. Further, the Company prohibits the unauthorized provision of personal information to any third party.
  • 4. In order to prevent the loss, destruction, alteration, leakage and/or modification of said personal information, the Company shall formulate a “Security Policy” and shall take appropriate information security measures, such as procedures and countermeasures against unauthorized access and computer viruses.
  • 5. In the event that the Company is required to outsource operations and needs to share personal information with a third party or is required to place said personal information in escrow for a third party, the Company shall investigate said third party and take measures it deems appropriate, such as the signing of any necessary documents and/or agreements, to protect such information.
  • 6. Where an individual's personal information is received indirectly by the Company (such as from publicly-available sources, or from a third party, or from a Client for the performance of certain agreed tasks), the Company shall immediately notify the individual or publicize the purpose of the use if not already publicized, except where a third party or Client has already obtained the consent from such person, or the use of the said information does not harm his or her interest relating to privacy.
  • 7. The Company acknowledges that each person (an individual whose personal information is being handled) has the right to choose to disclose, amend, stop the use of (cease and desist) and/or have their personal information purged from the Company's records, and the Company shall comply with such requests from the subject of the information without objection. Further, the Company shall handle any complaints or consultations regarding the subject’s personal information.

Enacted: April 26, 2005
Final revision: November 12, 2014

K.K. CrossVision International
Jerry Lounsbery, President & CEO

1. Purpose of Use

The Company's policy for the use for personal information is stated below. The Company shall not use personal information without the consent of the individual for any purposes other than the following:

  • (a) Providing cloud services for payroll calculation, attendance record maintenance, human resources maintenance, workflow applications and related services such as social insurance, J401(k) maintenance, payroll out-sourcing, human resources consulting, and helpdesk services to Clients and their customers and/or respective employees or related parties;
  • (b) Managing inquiries about the Company and/or any of its services;
  • (c) Providing information regarding the Company’s products and services and distributing and receiving back survey questionnaires; and
  • (d) Managing the Company's internal human resources or business partnership processes, including maintaining and updating records of employees, part-time or temporary staff as well as any consultants or advisors, or recruiting any persons for any of such positions.

2. Limit of Use by Third Parties

Unless otherwise set out in any of the above-mentioned paragraphs, the Company shall not provide personal information without the consent of the individual to a third party except in the following cases:

  • (a) When based on rules and regulations;
  • (b) When it is difficult to obtain the individual's consent but required in the interest of protecting a person's life, body, or property;
  • (c) When it is difficult to obtain the individual's consent but required in order to protect public health or needed for the safety of a child; or
  • (d) When required to cooperate with a registered governmental agency in the performance of official work and obtaining the consent from the individual hinders such work.

3. Facultative Enactment

Where the Company is unable to contact an individual, who has made an inquiry to the Company, due to incorrect or no contact information, it is left to the individual's discretion whether to inform the Company of the individual’s contact information.

Inquiries Concerning Personal Data

Client Contact Information for claims related to Personal Information:

K.K. CrossVision International
Akasaka Seventh Avenue Bldg., 7F 7-10-20, Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0052
TEL:+81(0)3-3586-1540  FAX:+81(0)3-5545-7818

Publicity of the matters regarding disclosure of personal infomation

About PrivacyMark

PrivacyMark System CVi has acquired and maintains the PrivacyMark certification from the Japan Information Processing Development Corporation (JIPDEC). The PrivacyMark is awarded to companies that prove their ability to handle personal data appropriately and securely.

Chief Privacy Officer


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