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Our client base encompasses hundreds of foreign and Japanese companies. With experience in multiple industries, we have the solutions, services and experience you need.

In nearly two decades of providing HR Services & Solutions, we have helped clients improve their HR processes and services.

Our experience of working with a wide range of companies, from large multinational corporations to local small and medium enterprises has given us a great deal of perspective as to the variety of needs of our clients across many industries.

The following are Case Studies of work we have performed for Clients in various industries and in various companies.

Case Study: HR Consulting

Client: Major global firm.
Issue(s): In 2005, the Japan Government's Labor Standards Inspection Office (“LSIO”) sought to audit Client for alleged violations of Article 37 of the Labor Standards Law regulating overtime payments to employees.
Our role: Our Human Resources (“HR”) consultants were engaged to assist Client work through the LSIO audit process and settle this matter as soon as possible.

Case Study: Payroll Outsourcing

Client: Global financial services firm.
Issue(s): When the contract with its then payroll services provider ended in 2009, Client needed a replacement that could offer a seamless and error-free transition (i.e., be able to set up quickly and customize its services to meet Client's particularly complex requirements).
Our role: Our Business Process Outsourcing (“BPO”) group was awarded a contract to take over all of Client's payroll, following Japanese regulations and complex requirements, after demonstrating our ability to take over such work quickly and accurately, and our clear process for implementing Client's specific customization and functionality needs.

Case Study: Process Optimization and Application Customization

Client: Major Japanese financial services institution.
Issue(s): In 2009, Client sought to reduce its Human Resources (“HR”) labor and information technology costs by exploring changes to internal processes as well as out-sourcing of functions.
Our role: We were awarded a contract to provide HR Consulting and Business Process Out-sourcing (“BPO”) services, as well as to customize our services to meet Client's specific requirements.

Case Study: AttendancePro Time Sheet

Client: Data center operator.
Issue(s): In 2009, Client sought to deploy a new system to track how its employees at different locations made use of their time at work, to record not only total work and overtime hours, but also break-downs of the work-day on a per-project basis for ease of billing as well as for analyses of costs and productivity.
Our role: Client selected our AttendancePro Cloud Application as the one meeting most of its unique needs, with the balance of its requirements being met by our ability to provider Client-specific extensions to our base offering.

Case Study: AttendancePro Card Readers

Client: Luxury hotel management company with locations throughout Japan.

In 2009, Client wanted to standardize time and attendance management across its entire chain of hotels and to institute an automatic means of accurately tracking employee working hours.

Client's requirements are complex because it needed a sophisticated shift scheduling application to;

  • (a) support 24-hour operations across a number of hotel departments
  • (b) verify compliance with Japanese Labor Standards and regulations regarding working hours and overtime
  • (c) produce company-wide labor reports and analyses
In addition, such an application had to be flexible enough to take into account special rules and practices governing operating requirements such as work and holiday scheduling and overtime criteria that only applied to specific hotels.

Our role: CVi was engaged to provide Client with a solution after demonstrating how our AttendancePro Cloud Application could be adapted to meet all of its needs.

Case Study: Integrated HR Services

Client: Japanese State-owned financial services firm.
Issue(s): In 2009, when customization of its existing enterprise resources planning or “ERP” system proved too costly for its budget, Client sought a new employee attendance tracking and payroll system together with payroll outsourcing services that would enable it to adhere strictly to specific Government rules regarding salary, overtime and bonus calculations, and deal with the added complication of operating a completely separate payroll system for workers seconded from industry and Government agencies.
Our role: Having demonstrated to Client our understanding of its requirements and our ability to meet such needs by customizing our AttendancePro Cloud Applications and PayrollPro BPO services, CVi was awarded a contract to provide the required services to Client.

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