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Message from CEO

The business that we operate today and the services that we offer originate from two decisions made years ago. In the late 1990s, we decided to focus our resources to develop software to meet the needs of HR departments of companies operating in Japan because we felt software could improve backoffice operating efficiencies by automating and streamlining day to day processes, as well as by addressing the complexities imposed by laws and regulations. Then in 2002, we decided to deliver our payroll and social insurance calculation software on a Software as a Service ("SaaS") basis, differentiating it from other HR applications being offered on a traditional packaged software licensing model.

Cloud Computing Revolution

These two decisions placed us at the forefront of the Cloud Computing revolution. Since then, we have grown into a strong and stable business while continually working to improve the functionality of the PayrollPro software and expanding our service portfolio.

In fact, when we launched our PayrollPro Cloud Application in 2004, a number of potential clients felt that what we were offering—no upfront software licensing or recurring maintenance fees, and implementation in a manner of several weeks instead of months—sounded too good to be true.

To further improve client satisfaction with PayrollPro, we added a group of payroll calculation and Social Insurance specialists to our in-house team, enabling us to perform the payroll processing and management work on behalf of our clients and allowing us to offer a fully-managed Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) service solution.

In addition, by adopting best practices in our internal processes and procedures we have been able to secure the highest international and domestic accreditations for managing client confidential data such as ISO27001, Japan PrivacyMark, and SSAE16 Type II.

Quality Service Portfolio

Having built a reputation for the high quality of our services, which now range from Professional Services consulting and outsourcing to our portfolio of Human Resources Cloud Applications, we continue to reinvest in the resources that have brought us to our current stage of maturity: our software, our infrastructure, and our people.

We continue to grow our staff, adding personnel with appropriate skills to enable us to provide additional value-added services. And as a technology company, we remain constantly vigilant for new ways of making our software work even more efficiently, maintain our commitment to security, and continue to provide excellent service.

K.K. CrossVision International
President & CEO
Jerry Lounsbery

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