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Information Security Policy

At K.K. CrossVision International ("CVi”), our mission is to continuously deliver Cloud Applications and services for Human Resources, payroll calculation and related fields to our clients and partners while maintaining the highest level of Client satisfaction. CVi continuously strives to ensure the protection of information assets entrusted to us by our Clients through continuous training of our employees and by paying close attention to all protection measures in accordance with Information Security Policy set forth below:

1. Information Security

We regard Information Security as one of the most important issues facing any business.

2. Protection of Information Assets

In general, risks may affect the confidentiality, integrity and availability of Information Assets. CVi makes every effort to protect all Information Assets through appropriate controls in order to mitigate these risks; our target is to lower risks to an acceptable level.

3. Compliance with Laws & Ordinances

CVi complies with and is constantly reviewing its compliance with Japanese Laws & Ordinances related to Information Security.

4. Awareness Training

CVi provides all fulltime and part-time employees, as well as temporary staff, with ongoing Information Security Awareness Training.

5. Incidents

CVi makes every effort to prevent incidents regarding Information Security. In cases where an incident may occur, appropriate measures are promptly implemented.

Enacted: April 20, 2011

K.K. CrossVision International
Jerry Lounsbery, President & CEO

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