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Professional Services

Professional Services

Our unique combination of Professional Services & Cloud Applications offer you the flexibility to choose the service and support you need, whether it's entry level or full outsourcing.

Complete HR Solutions

Human Resources work is full of complex jobs requiring a wide range of expertise while maintaining a meticulous, careful approach. Effective management requires HR information systems to administer employee data and maintain historical records, time and attendance software to control working hours and leave, specialist staff to perform payroll and retirement payment calculations and careful compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

CVi is ideally positioned on a dual foundation of HR services and software development. We can provide not only the professional services necessary for your business to operate smoothly, but also an underlying application platform to share information between your in-house HR staff and our team of experts. From basic payroll calculations through to full outsourcing, we can provide solutions to match your needs.

Integrated Professional Services

Our Business Process Outsourcing (“BPO”) group makes use of our own custom-developed Cloud Applications to provide outsourcing services to clients, allowing us to automate portions of payroll calculation and Social Insurance operations. Our hands-on outsourcing experience gives us a deep understanding of Client needs, helping us to develop even more robust software. And since your own HR staff can simultaneously access cloud applications as our outsourcing staff, joint operations are able to proceed smoothly and efficiently.

This shared platform model gives you the ability to outsource as little or as much of your operations as needed.

Specialist Team of Certified Professionals

Our outsourcing team consists of skilled professionals experience in HR administration, including certified Social Insurance consultants, giving us the ability to provide high-quality, specialized services.

Bilingual English & Japanese Service & Support

To support the needs of expatriate staff at foreign companies, our outsourcing, consulting, and support teams can provide the same level of service in either English or Japanese.

PayrollPro provides English-language Web pay slips for your employees and all functionality in AttendancePro, JinjiPro and ShinseiPro are fully localized in English and Japanese.


Payroll Calculation Outsourcing

Our outsourcing team will enter all of the necessary employee data and perform payroll calculations. They also perform accurate Social Insurance and Inhabitant Tax calculations, and prepare all mandatory official reporting forms.

Social Insurance Outsourcing

We handle the registration of new employees, terminations and other changes, calculate withholding estimates and their monthly adjustments, and produce and submit the necessary official documents for Social and Labor Insurance.

J401(k) & Cash Balance Plan Administration

Our expert retirement plan administrators can calculate contributions, prepare necessary administrative reports and maintain your Participant Information Database—as well as assisting you with expert support and advice.

Human Resources Consulting

Our consulting team's broad skillset, qualifications and know-how allow us to offer a variety of consulting and outsourcing solutions to match to your unique requirements.

Whether you need immediate advice on a specific issue, assistance with a special project, advice to improve HR operations, periodic labor consultation or other request, we have the experience you need.

Helpdesk Service

Our Helpdesk Service offers professional email and telephone-based assistance for questions regarding our Cloud Applications.

Onsite Services

We can also station qualified HR professionals in your department (onsite) to provide operational support for CVi applications or to perform other HR processes. Onsite personnel are selected to meet your requirements, ensuring the proper skill set for the work at hand.


Experienced Human Resources Staff

With decades of combined experience in Japanese HR administration, our professional consultants understand the complexities faced by HR managers and can provide the extra support you need.

Broad Industry Experience

We have hundreds of corporate clients in a wide variety of industries such as multinational financial institutions, manufacturers, retail brands, hotels, health care and pharmaceutical and more. This broad range of experience enables us to adapt to a variety of working styles and requirements.

Works hand-in-hand with our cost-effective Cloud Applications

By using a combined software platform for both Outsourcing and Cloud Application services, we can provide you with the flexibility to choose the appropriate level of support for your needs. After initial deployment, you can utilize our value-added services as needed. This flexibility allows you to eliminate wasteful spending and operate a high quality, highly responsive and cost-effective backoffice.

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