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Human Resources Consulting

Our HR consultants have a wealth of experience and can help you to resolve various issues in your HR department.

On-Demand HR Expertise

Our extensive experience in the development and operation of HR & payroll systems has given us considerable insight into the needs of our clients and has provided us with the opportunity to listen to and understand their needs. This in turn has enabled us to offer better HR Consulting services that are tailored to real issues affecting our clients. We can provide whatever level of support you require, whether it's on-demand telephone consultations, short-term projects, or a long-term consulting relationship.

  • Our consulting team has worked with clients in a wide range of industries
  • We can review your payroll processes and labor regulatory compliance
  • We can help you with the preparation and changes to corporate retirement and pension plans


Management Advisory Services

When complex issues occur and your HR department needs assistance, we can provide the expertise and advice you need. We can assist you with issues such as labor disputes, sexual harassment claims or corporate downsizing.

Business Entity Setup

New enterprises typically have to deal with a myriad of legal, regulatory and business issues. We can assist you with the application procedures needed to establish Labor & Social Insurance, help create your Rules of Employment, and more.

Certified Labor Consultation

We offer labor consultation services to help solve the complex problems related to labor issues. We can aid you in understanding the regulatory framework and labor laws, and assist with work rules preparation and confirm that they're compliant with current regulations.

Also, we can support you in the establishment and operation of new labor structures such as discretionary labor systems.

Labor Inspections and Remediation

Companies are sometimes required to deal with inspections from various governmental agencies in Japan who regulate areas of Human Resources, Social Insurance and Unemployment Insurance. Our experienced support team can provide assistance in preparing for on-site inspections from the Labor Standards Inspection office, preparing work rules, and providing labor management advice with an international perspective. We can also help by coordinating with Labor Standards Inspectors, preparing corrective action plans for work hours management and overtime payments, introducing management systems for health and safety and many other support activities.

Assessment of Compliance with the Labor Standards Act

Changes to labor laws over the past several years have altered the landscape in which your HR group operates. We can review your work rules, policies and procedures to verify compliance with current regulations and best practices and plan any necessary remediation to ensure your department operates in full compliance.

Business Process Assessment

Our consultants can review your monthly HR payroll processes and calculations and recommend ways to improve your efficiency, compliance and business continuity planning.


Integrated Consulting & Service Offerings

Consulting services may be used in conjunction with our secure Cloud Applications or on a standalone basis. Clients already using our JinjiPro HR information management system, AttendancePro time & attendance, or PayrollPro for their payroll calculation will benefit further, as our consultants can utilize those systems to provide the highest level of service.

Bilingual English & Japanese Support

Our HR Consulting team has fluent bilingual professionals who can provide the same high-quality service in either Japanese or English, helping to eliminate confusion and misunderstanding due to language barriers.

We can also help to explain the particularities and complexities of Human Resources Management in Japan to assist your expatriate staff in better understanding the Japanese business environment.

Partner Services

In conjunction with our service partners, CVi can assist in additional areas beyond our standard services. Please consult with us to prepare a customized solution for your needs.

Note: Professional Business services are offered in conjunction with a certified Social Insurance Labor Consulting office.

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