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Social Insurance Outsourcing

Our outsourcing group can perform all of your essential Social Insurance operations, from employee registrations and terminations to document preparation and submission.

Social Insurance management made easy

Our experienced Social Insurance experts have the knowledge and acumen to act as your interface with the Pension Office, Health Insurance Association and Hello Work employment office.

  • Outsourcing of Social Insurance processing
  • Management of Social Insurance data through PayrollPro
  • Bilingual service for foreign and multinational companies
  • Various other types of support based on our wealth of experience


Social Insurance Outsourcing

We perform your new employee registrations, retirements, withholding estimates, monthly adjustments, labor insurance updates, staff turnover and the preparation and submission of all required forms and documents.

Comprehensive data management

We centrally manage your employee data including standard compensation calculation and history using our PayrollPro Cloud Application. In addition, clients who also use our JinjiPro and ShinseiPro Cloud Applications can easily manage dependents and other required data and updates.

Bilingual service

Our bilingual staff can provide services in both English and Japanese. They can also provide support to help foreign personnel understand the Japanese payroll, tax and Social Insurance systems.

Certified Labor Consultants

Consultations and operations related to Labor and Social Insurance are provided in conjunction with a certified Social Insurance Labor Consultant office.


Wide-ranging Social Insurance administration experience

Our professionals are experienced with a variety of Social Insurance-related procedures such as Labor and Social Insurance setup for new companies, business closings, employment transfers and more.

High Security Systems

Your Social Insurance data is securely managed through our PayrollPro Cloud Application.

All of your data, from employee registrations and monthly payment history to salary bonus payments and Labor Insurance premiums are accurately collected and maintained. Clients can easily browse their data and export it as needed. In addition, backups are made to a secondary data center to ensure business continuity.

Experience with multinational & foreign-affiliated firms

We have a long history of working with multinational and foreign-affiliated companies. We offer bilingual consultants who understand the special needs and concerns of your expatriate staff and can provide Social Insurance support in English.

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