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My Number System Enhancements

PayrollPro & JinjiPro upgrades

As part of CVi’s ongoing commitment to Clients, all applications and services are regularly updated to remain in concert with current regulations and requirements. Innovative features & functionality are being added to PayrollPro & JinjiPro to include My Number data prerequisites. The following functionality will be added as part of the standard offerings for both cloud applications.

  1. Authority for My Number operation
  2. My Number registration
  3. My Number confirmation
  4. My Number modification and deletion
  5. My Number output
  6. My Number audit log

Specifying users for My Number operation

Authorized users may grant new authority to other users for My Number operation. This feature ensures that My Number operation privileges can only be granted to users engaged in "My Number administration."

Edit Authority: User can edit My Number data.

View Authority: User can view My Number data.

No Authority: Prohibited viewing and editing.

My Number registration using templates

Data can be entered into an Excel template and then imported into the system for registration. Users can easily download the template for My Number entry. After data has been entered into the template, the user will need to upload the template. The My Number data is then securely stored. Automated usage logs within PayrollPro & JinjiPro may be stored for further auditing when necessary. PayrollPro can easily retrieve My Number data stored in JinjiPro. Since PayrollPro & JinjiPro are synced, there is no need for double entry of My Number data.

Image of registration

My Number confirmation for document posting

My Number confirmation can be performed if the user’s operational authority is set to "Edit" or "View" authority. Specified ranges of data may be exported to an Excel file in order for users to confirm data. An audit file is retained for users who access the My Number data, for any purpose.

My Number changes

It is possible to modify or change My Number data that has been registered by mistake or that has been changed due to various reasons. The method of operation is the same as the Registration process for My Number. In addition, My Numbers that have been registered to a specific employee (or family) can be modified. My Numbers that are no longer needed or that were registered by mistake can be removed. It is also possible to delete any My Number by entering a blank field.

My Number deletion

The maximum legal retention requirement for My Number related documents is seven years. My Numbers that have passed this prerequisite may be deleted by person or, collectively, as needed. My Numbers of retired employees and their families can be collectively deleted where necessary.

My Number printing

My Number printing to an array of forms is available for those users with the “View” and “Edit” authority. My Number output is displayed as “***********” for users without the proper authority.

Output of the system operation records for audit

An operation log is kept for all users who have accessed My Number data, allowing for quick tracking of any user who has viewed or edited the data. This audit Log can be viewed by all users who have view, edit or audit authority.

My Number registration services

CVi provides My Number registration services

In October 2015, My Number notification cards will be dispatched by the government. To assist Clients in the processing of My Number data, CVi offers My Number registration services for its PayrollPro & JinjiPro cloud applications. The following activities, from Collection Kits, Collection & Identification, templates for data import & export, PayrollPro & JinjiPro cloud applications and My Number declaration forms are all part of the services provided by CVi to Clients.

Image of registration

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