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Onsite Services

Whether you need face-to-face HR support on a daily basis, or whether you need to cover peak workloads such as year-end adjustment, we can assist you by placing skilled and experienced professional staff onsite at your office.

In-house Professional Services

When additional personnel are required in your Human Resources department, we can provide staff to work onsite at your office, not only to handle operations of CVi's Cloud Applications, but also to perform payroll calculation, Social Insurance processing, or to take on Human Resources operations.

  • Human Resources experts made available according to your requirements
  • We can provide staff year-round or just to handle peak times
  • Select the best staff that meets your business needs


Qualified Human Resources Professionals

Our Onsite Services personnel are selected for their experience and expertise, ensuring that they can provide high-quality service meeting the client's needs.

Interim staffing

Not all staffing needs can be anticipated. When staff members become unavailable due to illness, retirement, family leave or other unexpected reasons, it can be difficult for existing staff to take on the extra workload or to quickly hire replacements. During these times, CVi can provide supplementary staff to cover your immediate needs.


CVi becomes a member of your team

By incorporating our staff members' high-quality skills and know-how into your organization, your Human Resources department can take full advantage of their abilities, allowing them to quickly and smoothly support your department's standard processes.

Adapt to variable staffing requirements

Hiring additional HR staff to deal with seasonal peaks or to handle specific projects can be time-consuming and expensive. Our onsite services allow you to obtain the specific skillset you need for the project or time period you require.

Skill sets to match your needs

In business, finding and hiring Human Resources staff with the particular skills your need is not an easy task. All of our Onsite Services personnel are qualified and experienced Human Resources professionals.

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