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Payroll Outsourcing

Our experienced professional staff can perform your crucial monthly payroll processing for you.

Payroll Outsourcing

Our Payroll Outsourcing services employ seasoned Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) professionals to perform your monthly payroll processing. In concert with our full-featured PayrollPro Cloud Application, we provide accurate, efficient and proven support services.

  • In addition to the PayrollPro Cloud Application, data from our AttendancePro time & attendance and JinjiPro HR information management applications can be integrated as well
  • Your in-house payroll personnel can access PayrollPro in the same way as our outsourcing staff, allowing them to view the data in real-time and/or export reports to PDF or Excel files
  • Our clients recognize our unrivaled track record and reputation


Online bilingual pay slips

In addition to printing and mailing securely sealed pay slips, we also offer bilingual Web Pay Slips in Japanese and English. On payday, employees can access their pay slips via the Internet, and can also browse, view, and print historical pay slips and yearly Income Tax certificates.

Special support for expatriate staff

We understand the special needs of your expatriate staff. Special calculations such as salary gross-up, non-resident treatment and more can be taken into account as part of the normal payroll processing.


Reduce your workload

All you need to do each month is to provide us the required data.You can obtain the necessary data after the calculations.

The industry's highest standard for accuracy & quality

CVi has an unparalleled track record in providing accurate, high-quality payroll processing. Our entire process is designed to reduce risk and ensure quality and accuracy both in the application and by our staff. A minimum of two payroll professionals work as a pair to double-check every month's calculation and processing. This also ensures continuity of your operations since there are always staff on hand who are familiar with your company's particular situation and needs.

Secure 24/7/365 days access to your payroll data

Because our BPO services use the same full-featured PayrollPro Cloud Application, clients have 24 hour, 7 days a week, 365 days, access to their payroll data and can monitor the payroll calculation process in real time. In addition to current and past payroll ledger and tax withholding documents, various data such as monthly payroll results, year-end adjustment results, and other required items can be exported as needed. Also, your critical HR and payroll data is securely stored in CVi's Cloud Applications that are continuously being backed up.

Outsourcing is the cost-effective choice

Yet in-house costs for recruiting payroll specialists, managing Social Insurance & Benefit payments, as well as office space, supplies and labor costs can be a heavy burden. CVi's BPO service requires no software purchase, provides a high-security environment to securely store your payroll data and our professional organization allows for us to deliver quality services at a reasonable and cost effective price.

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