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J401(k) & Cash Balance Plan Administration

We provide outsourcing services for Defined Contribution, J401(k) and Cash Balance retirement plans.

Defined Contribution & Cash Balance Plans

For companies planning to introduce pension plans or for those already performing the complex administrative work needed but who are interested in improving efficiency, we can help. CVi provides outsourcing services for Defined Contribution Pension Plans, J401(k) and Defined Benefit Pension Plans (Cash Balance Plans).

Our retirement outsourcing services reduces the burden of introducing new defined contribution plans and helps streamline their ongoing management.

  • Contribution and allowance calculation and contribution management
  • Handling administrative procedures
  • Retirement benefit calculation


Defined Contribution Pension Plan, J401(k) & Defined Benefit Pension Plan Outsourcing

  • 1) We can handle monthly contribution calculations, total contribution calculations, management of subscriber premiums and other administrative functions
  • 2) Administrative procedures. CVi can prepare Defined Contribution and Defined Benefit Pension Plans, handle participant additions and removals, prepare notices of pay revisions and prepare and change notifications to Defined Contribution Pension Plan Operational Management Institutions ("DC Providers") and financial institutions. Note:some financial institutions require the client to submit the documents we prepare
  • 3) Retirement benefit calculations
  • 4) We can perform the calculation of retirement allowances and taxes for retirees

Supports a wide variety of pension plans

There are a variety of pension plans offered by different companies. At CVi, we can perform contribution calculation, total contributions and administration tailored to your system as well as transfer of funds from a previous pension plan. We can help you with selecting a Defined Contribution Pension Plan system, either in yen or dollar-based contributions, multiple interest rates, participant premiums, prepaid retirement, and more.

J401(k) Workflow

Provider change notifications

Preparing personnel participation change notifications for your DC Provider, fund, or financial institution is very time-consuming. We can prepare notifications for you, whether using paper forms or Web-based templates. For certain DC Providers, we can even handle the template upload for you.

Bilingual service

We can provide bilingual Japanese & English reports tailored to your needs, and prepare accounting ledgers in your accounting system's import format.

Our professionals are familiar with a variety of foreign companies' retirement benefit systems and can provide support services in English as well as Japanese.


Cost-effective retirement administration

When you use CVi, there is no longer a need to purchase and/or develop expensive management systems for retirement allowances.

Reduce administrative workload

Defined Contribution & Defined Benefit Pension Plan paperwork can be very cumbersome. By outsourcing the pension plan work, you reduce your internal workload dramatically.

You simply send CVi your employee and payroll information and we do the monthly contribution calculation and preparation of notifications to your DC Provider. For DC Providers or financial institutions that have established a business operation and management outsourcing contract with us, we can even submit the notifications on your behalf.

Works seamlessly with Payroll Outsourcing

For clients who also utilize our Payroll Outsourcing service, Defined Contribution & Defined Benefit Pension Plan information does not need to be provided separately, further reducing your workload. Also, since CVi's PayrollPro payroll calculation software includes an encrypted data transfer function, Defined Contribution & Defined Benefit Pension Plan reports and other information can be exchanged safely and securely.

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